Save thousands of dollars and lower your payments!

EquityQuest Homes offers the chance to gain additional Equity by allowing our homeowners to participate in the building process.

This is entirely your choice based on your energy level and availability. We can do it all for you or involve you, the homeowner, for added savings.  Your choice!

We offer 2 types of Owner Involvement - Our more traditional Sweat Equity program as well as unique "Direct Contracting" program.


Our Traditional "Sweat Equity" Program

Our construction professionals do all the heavy lifting and you choose tasks to complete that fit your skills and lifestyle.

The most popular Sweat Equity tasks our homeowners choose are painting, clean-up, mirrors/towel racks and landscaping.  On a typical project this saves $8000-$10,000 in labor!

Many homeowners choose to do more!  Decks, roofing, excavation, trim, flooring, countertops - the list goes on.

Some of our stories about Sweat Equity:

A customer in Hood River had a brother who was a tile layer and his house warming gift was to help her do all of her countertops and tile flooring. She saved over $2400 in labor.

A Sandy, OR customer traded computer services with a friend who in turn helped build his decks for a $1440 savings in labor.

A Salem customer is a hobby woodworker and installed his own trim for a labor savings of over $6600.

A homeowner in Aurora, OR has an old friend who is a mason and, for a few beers over the course of several weeks, helped him install all the stone work on the exterior of his new custom home for a labor savings of over $4000.

A client in Hillsboro has a family member who is a licensed electrician.  They worked together to complete the electrical at a savings of over $4000.

We hope these stories help you think of creative ways you can increase Sweat Equity in your home.

One of the best things about Sweat Equity is the pride you feel every time you walk into your new home- a home that you helped build!

Thousands of dollars saved, lower monthly payments and increased pride of ownership and connectedness to your new home and land.