1.       We are a Local, Family-run business.  When you choose EquityQuest homes, you get a partnership.  We value relationships with our customers. We love our community, and we do our best to make sure we are bettering it.

2.       When we say “custom homes” we mean TRULY, FULLY CUSTOM!  When you choose EquityQuest, the possibilities are endless.  Every home we build is INFINITELY customizable! There are no restrictions here. Bring us your ideas - even if it is just a sketch on a napkin - and we will turn them into plans for your home!

3.       You can save thousands by collaboration! EquityQuest Homes offers the chance to gain additional Equity by allowing our homeowners to participate in the building process. We offer 2 types of Owner Involvement - Our unique "Direct Contracting" program as well as our more traditional Sweat Equity program.  Click here to go to our FAQ section for further detail.

4.       Virtually walk through your home-before you’ve even broken ground! Our home designer is an expert in her field.  She uses state-of-the-art software to create your home in 3d, allowing you to walk through every room to see how it will lay out!  If you see something that needs a change, you can watch it happen before your eyes!

5.       Free Land Consultation and Affordable design plans!  No need to pay for architect or design services that charge a high cost per hour. Have our designer make your dream home a reality through her program.  For a minimal fee you can start as big or small as you like, and adjust from there until you’ve designed your home that meets both your desires and your budget. Click here for more information. Our builder will go out and meet you on the land/site that you are hoping to build on. Know before you purchase a lot if there are any "build-ability" issues that might affect your project. On land you own, find out where and how to place your home to minimize costs and maximize enjoyment.