Build a custom home on your land.

Collaborative Home Building
With Options for Direct Contracting and Sweat Equity

When we say “custom home” we mean TRULY, FULLY CUSTOM!  When you choose EquityQuest, the possibilities are endless.  Every home we build is INFINITELY customizable and we have never built two homes the same.  Our customers are allowed to change their mind without penalty!  We keep collaborating until you have the plan and price combination that works for you.  Bring us your ideas - even if it is just a sketch on a napkin - and we will turn them into plans for your home.

EquityQuest Homes offers the chance to gain additional Equity by allowing our homeowners to participate in the building process. We offer 2 types of Owner Involvement - Our unique "Direct Contracting" program as well as our more traditional Sweat Equity program.


Featured Design- The Old Portland Bungalow

Each month we feature a new home design, complete with 3D interior images.  Any of these homes can be built as you see them, or customized in any way you can imagine!

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